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From castles to roman ruins, from wandering through medieval villages and vineyards, from lavender fields to thousands year old caves, come, discover the stories  of the past.

Stroll the colorful markets full of local fare and food. Sit a the terrace of a bistro to enjoy locally sourced delicacies with a great Côtes du Rhône wine. Explore the boutiques for  their hidden treasures and perfect souvenirs. 

Dare to fall in love 

I am not a big tour operator. The castles we visit are not Versailles or Chambord. But, my little gem tucked away in southern France is well worth discovering.  I am humbled by and grateful to anyone who takes a chance to come with me to a land they have never heard of. As a native, I have endearing stories about growing up there, and, so far, everyone has enjoyed listening and discovering. One  participants once said  “your passion and deep love for your native land are so contagious that one cannot escape falling in love as well.” Come, dare to discover this jewel of southern France.  Dare to fall in love too.

Chat and mingle with the locals going about their day. Immerse yourself in the culture, away from tourists. Slow down and savor Drôme, a place you did not know existed. 


Meet your travelling companions, Share moments of fun, education, great food, and a glass of wine. Discover the beauty of the land and its people together. Build unforgettable memories. 



A wish ​to return


The perfect ensemble