Why Provence Detours

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France’s Best Kept Secret

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    If you go from Paris to the Riviera, you will go through the Rhone Valley, home of the Côtes Du Rhônes wines. You will also most likely miss one of France’s best kept secrets; the county of Drôme nestled in Northern Provence, my gorgeous native region in southern France. 

   I have long dreamed of a way to help people connect with each other across cultures. Through the years, I have been asked many questions about my country that made me realize how little we know and understand about each other. My native secret corner of the

world was my ticket and a good place to start.

   After years of playing with the idea, in 2013 I took the leap. I quit my job and took a few months off from the professional ring to design a tour. Provence Detours, a small tour company dedicated to taking clients to the nook and crannies of my native land, was born.

   The premise of our tours is to offer authenticity and a sense of wonder away from big cities and heavily visited areas. It is also about building new relationships and creating unforgettable memories. We accomplish our mission by providing a close encounter with the people, places, stories, and delicacies of the region. Our accommodations are owned and run by locals. Our guests get to know the native people, their work, their struggle, and their laughter. Locals share with guests their passion, livelihood, and the beauty of their land. I want everyone to  tell their stories. Stories build memories. Stories build relationships. What better place to share stories than in France  around great food and superb wine? So now, it is your turn to take the leap and let me take you home.

Your Guides

"Our guides' knowledge of the area and its history made the trip in Drôme so memorable”. Mike D.

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Sylvie was born and raised in the region of the Drôme in northern Provence. A vagabond, she moved to the USA years ago. She has a passion for sharing her heritage, culture, and family stories . With humor and candor she will tell you how her father grew a wine cellar of 2000 bottles or the mischief she and her brother created in their old, huge 19th century apartment. She might share her mother’s fabulous salad dressing recipe she learned to make as a young child and still uses today. She will reveal memories of visiting, as a child, the same places you will be


Paul was born and raised in Massachusetts. A mechanic by profession and renaissance men by desire, he was happy puttering through life never wandering far from home. This came to an end when he met Sylvie. Her restlessness for exploring and love for challenges, took him across the USA as well as across the ocean. His passion for maps has come very handy as the “unflappable” chief driver for the tours. He brings to the tours his American perspective and experience of being thrown into this French family who embraced him fully. Let alone discovering the French food and wine decorum. This is what a client had to say:

“Paul showed patience, friendliness and equanimity throughout a very full week!”   Bob S.

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"Thanks to Sylvie, I saw a part of France I knew nothing about. We toured Roman ruins, restored castles, and beautiful countryside. We learned about the Chauvet Cave, silk production, and lavender farming. What a wonderful experience".  Betsy M

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"Antique stones, colorful flowers in every nook. Ahh... Provence. Thank you Paul and Sylvie for a trip and region unrivaled by any other . Adventure indeed!!  Ann A.